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Monday, February 27, 2006

Shampoo, set, smile

Shampoo, set, smile
The Cincinnati Enquirer - Feb 24 2:43 AM
It's hard to tell sometimes what Mary Barkley does best: style hair or make people smile. Could be a tie. Infecting others with her cheer has been Mary's style.Save to My Web

The "B-More" sound - Feb 27 4:53 AM
The thud rattles your chest and spine, as if you're standing on the floor of an empty 16,000-seat arena with the sound system cranked. Thump. Thump. Thump.Save to My Web

Warner Music, Skype ring up a deal
CNET - Jan 30 8:07 AM
Partnership will allow Skype to sell ring-tone snippets culled from original recordings in Warner Music library.Save to My Web

Warner Ringtones on Skype VoIP - Jan 30 12:40 PM
Next time your Skype phone rings, dance a little.Save to My Web

[A&E] Dem Franchize Boyz cut a strong, snappy album
The Minnesota Daily - Feb 23 3:30 AM
Dem Franchize Boyz use very little to make a big sound. A hollowed bass and finger snaps are the backbone of all their songs. They occasionally throw in a couple of catchy synthesizer loops and some horns. But basically, DFB keeps the music as sparse and minimal as possible.Save to My Web