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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Herbal remedies for sleeplessness

Do you take morphine for headaches? No, I thought not. Why is it then that millions of people each year reach for the valium bottle the moment sleep resists them? Make no mistake, valium is a strong drug, and its use should be severely restricted. Even if taken for only a couple of weeks it can and does cause a lifetime’s dependence. Is that worth a few more hours of sleep? But there is another way. A healthy and natural way that has been used for thousands of years and is still being used today. Let me tell you about herbal remedies for sleeplessness. For the last couple of decades herbal remedies have had a bad reputation as being kind of ‘hippyish’, something altogether new-age and not for the likes of normal modern people. With the onset of the internet, though this pretty narrow-minded view is beginning to change. You can sell everything on the net, that has been tried and tested. There are very few overheads involved which increases profits. So it was only a matter of time before someone started selling herbal remedies on line. Now it is a booming industry and one that is here to last.
Before we go on to which herbs are best for sleeplessness, though, it is very wise to find the cause for sleeplessness. Usually stress is a direct factor, or illness and pain. Even being excited because of a future event can cause you to stay awake at night. Ask my four year old around Christmas time. Each different cause of sleeplessness needs a different approach to rectifying it. There are even several different kinds of insomnia to contend with. There are people who just can not go to sleep at bedtime no matter what they do. Others fall asleep in two seconds but find themselves waking up in the middle of the night. Usually several times, while others wake up very early in the morning before they would like to. So, there are several ways in which we can not sleep and several hundred possible causes. And you just want to take a valium and hope for the best? No, course you don’t, and here is where herbal remedies fit in.
There are more herbs and other natural remedies in existence than you can shake a stick at, and certainly more than could be listed here. These though, are considered by researchers to be the most beneficial.
Valerian is a perennial plant that grows wild all over Europe and the United states and has been used for centuries to treat one ailment or another. The roots of this plant are used and although they might smell like dirty underwear don’t let that put you off. Valerian is used as a mild sedative to reduce anxiety so if you can’t sleep because of a stressful job or marriage (or both) then valerian could help you. You can take it in a tea or tablets or even add it to a hot relaxing bath. Another good source is the passionflower. This contains a gentle relaxant when taken in tea form. Then there are other herbs like chamomile and kava, California poppy and basil. All of these have for centuries been reported to have sleep aiding properties.
Perhaps the most important factor when thinking about taking herbal remedies is that they are all perfectly safe and without serious side effects. So throw the valium away and try some herbs. What do you have to lose?